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Hi, I'm Jeffrey :) I'm 16 and I make youtube videos as a main hobby. However, There's a TON more to me than that. Just check out my youtube and blog :3


I remember the day
In the court, hiding her weakness:

Friendliest warm eyes
Surrounded by stone cold features;
a stunner on those bleachers.
Witnessing guys
playing games. A fronter
who saw ballers ballin’ the same.

Then again she knew
We all dribbled differently…
But with the same intentions.
Not to mention
The impression that
Stole her attention:

We all wore the
Same uniform.
So she password locked
Her mind with a
Smile brushed in cuneiform.

Never understood; that’s
What she wanted.
Giving endless countdowns
To break her walls by
Miracle of Jericho.

Even Cyrus couldn’t tear down those walls
In every context – sexual/intellectual –
Known in the male mind’s merry-go,
Dancing around an endless racetrack
And face facts:

The finish line was non- existent—
Her first love
already erased that.
So she still brushes on
That fake smile,
A strategically placed tat.

Synthetic, yet permanent.
I read it—it’s permanent.
But I knew if I’d get it, it’d be permanent.
So I set a goal – ‘twas permanent.
Not knowing its toll and its permanence.

Her eyes then glazed gray
In a thoughtful haze
Setting a goal of permanence
To figure out why I gave the game
A rest to sit with her. Her eyes
Questioned my rest and its permanence.

“Let’s play a game,” I offered.
“No thanks, that’s not my lane,” she denied
Without meeting eyes.
“I’ll go easy—“
“I’m tired,” she interrupted.

To her surprise I
Quit the game to sit with her.
Yet she still questioned my permanence.
Our silences spoke to one another while I
Waited while she
Contemplated my permanence.

Wakeful eyes shifting awkwardly
With glances entranced in the
Armor of her glazed eyes, sedated in permanence.

“We’ve watched for hours. Wanna play now?”
I replied to her silence.
“Still tired,” she lied.
“Ah, come on – “
“It’s getting dark anyway.
You’ll have to leave soon,” she observed.

“Which is exactly why I’ll have to stay
With you ‘til noon,” I reserved.
“You’re crazy,” she thought it was a joke.
Not knowing I’d rather
Sit and die old
On these bleachers.

That’s the only way her corpse would
let its guard down
At last.

Her eyes were shy as she
Ignored the whispers
Of my glances as she
Gazed at the starless sky as she
questioned my permanence.

Another girl was then shooting hoops at 2 AM
On a frigid summer night which
Made her really question my permanence.
“Listen I have a bad knee, go play with her,”
She dismissed.

“I think you’d be better,” I complimented.
“I’m alright,” she lied.
“The humble shall be exalted,” I smirked.
“Don’t expect great things…
Not from me,” she warned.

“Well,” I began.
“If you tell me everything
Wrong with you my
Imagination goes wild
Thinking of
Your hidden beauty.”

I must have said the wrong thing.
She stopped speaking and
Now I question her permanence.

A suspiciously hooded boy walks
Over, his face too
Shadowed by the night.

He asks if she’d like something
From the store so she
Arises with no hesitance.
“Be right back,”
She lies.

I want to speak but
My words are lodged in
My throat like cinnamon.
Something’s strange about
His brushed smile but I
Don’t want to play Zimmerman.

I look up to realize
Her eyes that
Gaze toward me
With love…

Her smile genuinely
My being without
An ounce
Of retraction.

They leave and
Return in the
Shutter of my lens.
An instant in time yet
Burned in memories—
Fire that won’t end.

As they return I
Watch them shoot –
A few hoops – that is.
While I wait
My jays are an urn.

While memories of
Her words are a noose I contemplate,

I remember the day
In the court hiding her weakness:
Friendliest warm eyes
Surrounded by stone cold features;
Soul stained so I
Tried to play the bleacher.

Now she is sure of my permanence.
Comfortable playing
While I’m remaining pure in my permanence.
My eyelids heavy as the
Corpse of my spirit decomposes
As I question my permanence.

My best poem brought to life in this film:


Anonymous said: I love your videos <3 You are very talented. I would love to be friends with you, I think one of my friends know you...his me is Khalil. But anyways my favorite video it caught em' 😂 it's so funny. Stay cool and don't let nothing stop you from making videos, it's up to you anyways. Well bye ✌

Thank you :) I won’t ever stop, I try my best

helpfeli said: Hey Jeffrey is me Felicia from YouTube the girl with the cats xD

Hi hit me up on Facebook better :)

An Update on future potential events. Stay tuned for a marathon.


I wish I could write my deepest thoughts for all the world to see. For all the world to process and understand. To help me understand what I’m thinking. I just don’t know what I’m thinking anymore. I guess I’ll talk about change. I always do, and my opinion always seems to change. But that’s…


Us humans are very ungrateful of the amazing things we have and the opportunities shown to us. But why is that? Why is it that girls tend to be attracted to guys that don’t give their 100% effort while the “nice guys” that are willing to give their life to them are sitting in their friendzone? Guys do it as well in a different sense. They tend to keep chasing the girl that everyone wants but no one can have because she plays hard to get. Humans value what they can’t have or what they are at high risk of losing. When guys play hard to get in this sense of withholding from a girl that likes them, it works a sort of reverse-psychology. It’s simply human nature to want what we can’t have, and to take things for granted that are readily available to us. In this video I discuss how one can balance out being a nice guy, while not being “too nice.”